Dairy Resources

→ Lochmead Farms is located in Junction City and sells rGHB free milk and cream (and ice cream!) at Dari Mart and other small, local markets. Bottles are returnable for a deposit refund.

Oregon Gourmet Cheeses — I’m sorry to say that they closed in late May or early June of 2009.

Alsea Acre Alpines, artisan cheese from a small herd of French and American Alpine dairy goats. Check the site for purchase locations near you.

Noris Dairy, a family farm located south of Salem, producing organic dairy products.

The following links come from the resources page of the Dairy Farmers of Oregon (though I took out a duplicate from above):

  • www.alpenrose.com
  • www.darigold.com
  • www.deluxeicecream.com
  • www.farmerscoop.org
  • http://www.centormall.com/Eberhards_Dairy/
  • www.nancysyogurt.com
  • www.oregonicecream.com
  • www.roguecreamery.com
  • www.sunshinedairyfoods.com
  • www.tillamookcheese.com
  • www.umpquadairy.com
  • www.wvcheeseco.com
  • www.yocream.com
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